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[March 07, 2006] [08:23PM]
yup...still alive.

but the only reason i posted this?
...cause myspace isnt working lolololol

RANDOM:i have some bachata song stuck in my head. but thats o'tay cause i likey that song.


♥ ♥ ♥

[January 24, 2006] [05:03PM]
Being sick is not fun.

Yesterday i went home early cause i didnt do a essay and when i got home i had a fever :'(

so no school for me today & maybe not tomorrow.
i have alot of homework. not alot, just long homework assignments. grr.

my mom wanted to go to cirque de soleil but when we called they said the cheapest tickets were $47 per person. so i dont think we're gonna go. that'll be like 250 for the five of us.

anyway...i think im gonna go lay down. im starting to feel bad :/

[January 21, 2006] [03:27PM]
no one every reads this, but for those three cats that do.

Last nights group: me, Cristy, Caro, Mario, Cary, Felipe, his girlfriend (Giselle), Harrison and his girlfriend.

Yesterday we planned to go to Strike in Dolphin Mall but the wait was 2 freaking hours so we were like hell nooooo. lol so we decided to go to Dave & Busters.

It was lots and lots of fun. we ate. yummy yummy food. then we just played the games.

it was like me and cary trying to get tickets the whole night. lol we wanted good prizes. shiiiiiiat. lol Cary would get jackpot like all the time and i'd get like 20 tickets lol. by the end cary had like 1000 something and i had 540. lol I got a stuffed hippo, a blowfish that squirts water when you fill it up, and me and cary got these matching glasses that make your eyes look like dinosours. lol. theyre so funny.

anyway, there was this one game that its like additing. me harrison and cary couldnt stop. lol with your finger you have to outline this thing before time runs out. and youhave to do it like really fast. i would always leave like a tiny peice. and then i got frustrated and left. lol.

it was a really fun night.

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[January 14, 2006] [10:53AM]

+Last night I slept over in iLy's house.
+Benny is the dumbest dog i have ever seen. (he runs into the wall and keeps running at high speed)
+He runs so fast like he has Nitro. lol
+BBQ at the beach today = fun fun fun
+Rendevouz Sunday night with the gang. (summer memories)
+I wish it was summer :/

[January 08, 2006] [10:29AM]
Benny doesnt cry anymore! :)

[January 06, 2006] [11:46AM]
Benny isnt really what I expected.

i didnt go to school today because last night he wouldnt stop crying. We've had him two days and i already wanna strangle him. Its just he isnt use to sleeping alone so he cries alot, but it gets so annoying. grr.

Last night I just stuck him in my room, put him in the big cage Friday (my cousins dog) use to use when he was smaller and put blankets and blankets on top of the cage so it can be dark.

me and my mom slept on my bed the whole night and Patty in hers. yeah me and my mom on a twin bed. and then Benny would go to sleep and wake up every 45 minutes. We'd have to start going "shh" and clicking our tongues (dont ask) so he can stop. After 5 minutes of that, he would be quiet.

My neck hurts from lifting my head and looking to see whats wrong...and the worst part is that at night he doesnt sleep but right now he's knocked out and doesnt make a peep.

Oh God, i hope this dog gets trained fast.
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[January 05, 2006] [10:09PM]
Guess what?
Last night i got a puppy!!
im so happy. i mean, ive wanted a dog for soooo long. like i can even tell you since when cause its been so long.and now im happy happy happy.

except for one thing. he was born on November 18th so its like relly little and he pee's & poo's everywhere and i have to clean it. and at night he cries and in Laura's words it sounds like King Kong or a chimpanze with rabis (s/p)

but yeah, hes adorable. his name is Benny. my grandpa's name is Benicio and people call him Benny so we named him that. when ily asked him if he minded he said "que barbaridad" lmao.

he a chihuahua but look nothing like one. hes really little. and caro and cristy got one too. theyre brother and sister. theres name is Nina.they play together and its funny cause our dog was the biggest of the liter and theres was the smallest. it looks like its the dad and daughter. lmao. but theyre so cute together...except when Nina starts to chew on Benny's weiner. lol.

anyway...i think im gonna go cause im super sleepy from feeding Benny and cleaning up after him when nature calls.


[December 31, 2005] [08:47PM]

ShadyCheez: who is gonna be your first kiss of the new year?
Lilo514: my cat
Lilo514: lol i dont have a cat :-(
ShadyCheez: i was right about to say "you have a cat??"


hopefully this year will be another good year. full of fun, family, and friends!

Just a little late... [December 26, 2005] [01:21AM]
i wait til 1:21 AM when its officially not Christmas anymore to say "MERRY CHRiSTMAS!!

so yeah...this year Christmas was good. except we were a little late on everything. we usually put the christmas tree up the day after Thanksgiving, but no. we didnt. its tradition but i guess tradition just got lazy this year. :/

anyway, Christmas Eve was good. we the usual family party. The whole family went to my grandparents house and they danced and we ate pork like every year. We also had someone dress as Santa, like we do every year. lol. every year it gets more and more obvious thats so not Santa. its too funny. lol

We opened our gifts and i got:

at home:
-jeans from Hollister
-a pull over sweater kinda thing from Hollister
-a knitted sweater/shirt from Hollister
-a shirt from Hollister
-gold ballerina slippers from Forever 21
-"august" from Hollister
-another shirt from Hollister
-and another shirt i wore for the party
-a necklace from AE
-a necklace from Charlotte Russe
-a really fluffy scarf

from the rest of the family
-sweater from AE
-a wallet
-a sweater from Hollister

Then today i opened my stocking gifts which were mentioned up there, and then we went to my grandparents house again and we ate dinner there with the whole family. it was fun. Raymond had a skateboard, David got an ipod and Andy got his spy-gear. The whole night they didnt let go of those things. lol

Mario got a hedgehog named Sally and he brought it. Its so cute. pinchy, but cute. i want one! :)

im suprisingly not sleepy....hmm, weird.

omg, this year i saw "a Christmas Story" so many times. I can watch that movie over and over and not get sick of it at all. Patty almost punched me when she saw me watching it this morning for the kadrillionth time. lol.

ok so yeah...hope you all had the best Christmas ever! and a merry, jolly, peaceful, fun night. lol i put so many words there. ok im just talking nonsense now so....Goodnight.

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[November 28, 2005] [10:35PM]

i know i just posted a entry but i just had some random things to say:

++I had dippin dots this weekend and im sooo craving it right now

++i had left over turkey tonight and it didnt digest too good (but its me so nothing really ever digest too good lol) and i was drinking alka seltzer (sp?) and it spilled a little on my shirt and i took it off to go get another and then on my way to my room the door was open and my mom was talking to my front door neighbor and i was in just a bra and jeans....emberrasing huh? lol it was what ily and me would call "girl next door" lol

++ i won a slinky at Gameworks on Friday.

++Cary sucks at that Dance Dnce Revoution game. lol

++Im scared of being in the dark after i went on that Jurrassic Park shooting thing with Cary

++I got a new phone on Friday...its the razor and i left Cingular to T-Moblie. and i finally got a taxting plan even though it still wouldnt have stopped me from texting if i didnt get one. lol

++ Driving on the express way with Diana is like punishment for me.
me + someone speeding = not good.
i dont think theyve heard me scream so much. lol


++Thanksgiving was fun with a capital "F".

++Andy ripped his shirt, but whats new.

thats about it....

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I've been tagged ;P [November 28, 2005] [10:27PM]
List NINE songs you are into right now. No matter what the genre, whether they have words, or even if they're any good, but they must be songs you're really enjoying now. Post these instructions in your Livejournal along with your NINE songs. Then tag seven other people to see what they're listening to.

1. "I want to Break Free"-Queen
2. "Bizarre Love Triangle"-New Order
3. "Okay I believe you but my tommy gun doesnt"-Brand New
4. "Like a Prayer"-Madonna
5. "7 Nation Army"-The White Stripes
6. "100 years"-Five for Fighting
7. "Pump it"-Black Eyed Peas
8. "Fix You"-Cold play
9. "Banana Pancakes"-Jack Johnson

I tag....uh....Diana and Laura... just cause there always on here and havent been tagged lol

oh and yes...im alive, lol
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[November 16, 2005] [07:18PM]
I havent been able to update
homeworks been piling like a mofo.

anyway, ilys party was fun.
her friends can really shake it like a salt shaker. lol

Immmaculate Conception church sucked this year.
no good rides. :/ grr. but the food was good lol. mmm...
food is the bomb. lol

anyway...ttyl gotta run & do homework..:(

♥ you my babys!

[November 01, 2005] [11:20PM]
hello moto

so the hurricane came. and it was bad.

i spent from Sunday night til Saturday in my grandma's house sleeping over cause our house isnt too safe since we're on the second floor and all.

++they were fixing our roofs and it wasnt too sturdy....speaking of our roofs...we have a leaking problem. its not in any of our rooms thank God. but yeah..its still a leak. grr. anyway my mom and aunt (who is also my neigbor) were calling some guys for the roof cause she has the same problem and theyre stupid and blah blah you get the point. anyway they said theyll try to fix it soon.

school has been canceled since last last Monday, but its back on Thursday. yuck. I just hate 3rd period. dont care about any other class but 3rd period. i hate it with a passion. id do anything to get out of it. even eat a dead cat....gross.

anyway, Wilma was kinda fun cause at night me, Laura, Patty, Ily, and Marichu would sit in the driveway with candles, blankets, and a radio and sit there looking at the stars. yeah i know corny..but it was so pretty cause i had never seen a shooting star til then. it was so dark but then the sky was like really lit up. and once in a while we'd see them, they were so pretty. if you wanna see pics from the hurricane that Laura took go to my myspace in the comments and Laura posted some. my URL is www.myspace.com/sandralovesruiz

its not a link...idk how to do those. lol

anyway, taking a shower was a pain in the butt. the water was freezing. aaah. lol and during the hurricane they woke me up and it was like 6 AM and everyone looks outside an goes back to sleep but i couldnt so i stayed awake...alone...in the dark...lol. and then i found one of the "BOVO" signs. from the guys that run for mayor of Hialeah or whatever.

anyway...i dont think i can eat Burger King ever again. im so sick of it. and when we would get bored we would walk around the neighborhood. not too safe in hialeah but whatever. lol i've never gotten "psst"ed at so many times in so little time. lol iLy would be like "welcome to hialeah"

so yeah...ill write more later...gotta go

nighty night...dont let the bed bugs bite.

♥ ♥ ♥
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I'm Scareddd!! [October 23, 2005] [02:11PM]
help us all
be safe
during Hurricane Wilma

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[October 02, 2005] [02:30PM]
HML vs. Goleman

no that isnt a typo. lol

Yesterday i got my homecoming dress. i LOVE it. not to sound conceited or anything but i love how it looks on me :) lol

i cant wait! im soooo excited!! i dont know why? hjkfgsaidlf. YAY!

anyway...todays the last day the Marlins play for this season :( how sad. and AJ Burnett got fired :0 anyway im watching the game right now and theyre losing :(

so yeah...thats all....laterrrr
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[September 28, 2005] [07:11PM]
I havent written in here in woooooo lol

so...last Friday was Pep Rally, Trojan Fest (FEA got 2nd place in car decorating contest), and the HML vs. HHS foot ball game.

In trojan fest i was like dying from hottness. grr..i hate sweaty-ness lol. we got to go in the carthat we decorated to the game and we got like escorted by two motorcycle piloces all the way to the game. it was so cool XD lol

at the game i was like about to fall. lol id be like "Vanessa catch me" lmao. i was soooo tired. and Joey made me hold that horse for a long time to put it up so then my arms were like dead. i felt like the next day i was gonna have biceps the size of california. yeesh. lol

the next day me, ily, and marichu went to the beach. the waves were soooo big but the water was so nasty. it was like if they cut all the seaweed they found into tiny pieces and threw it in. lol eww. but after a while we were like
"screw it" and we got in.

on sunday we went over to cristys house for a get together with the cousins and some friends. it was fun we played cranium.

monday was FCAT retake so i didnt go to school cause like no one goes lol so i stayed home sleeping and then at night i went with joey and janessi to party city and got balloons and things and then we were gonna decorate chili's but we had to wait so we just gave her the balloons when she got there. lol

then yesterday i went to the mall with caro, cristy and mimi. it was fun.

so yeah...thats it... lol ill see you laterrr
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[September 07, 2005] [07:04PM]
LiLY my pancake
LiSSETTE my pinching/blinking buddy

♥ ♥ ♥
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[September 04, 2005] [02:25PM]
Yesterday was so much fun. and i really needed it because this week school was so...ugh.

so yesterday Mimi dropped off me, Cristy, Caro and Mario at the beach in Priscilla's beach apartment. its really nice. we went up to her room and met up with Priscilla, her mom, dad, her 2 brothers, Cary Wille, and like her whole family. it was so packed. so then me and everyone except like the whole family went downstairs to the beach and after a while her family finally came. lol we were in the beach and then Felipe and his girlfriend (Giselle) came. we were in the beach until it started to lightning and we had to get out.

we waited and waited and just decided to go to the pool. so we went in the pool for a while and then went back to the beach and Nancy, Lester and Gio came. we were in the water and it started to lightning again and some guy had supposedly seen a shark. so we just sat there in the sand and all the guys played football. then me, caro, cristy, priscilla, cary, nancy and giselle stayed there in the sand and it was raining and we were like all wet. but we were like eh..whatever. so we stayed lol. it was fun. then we just went to the pool after like an hour of sitting there and got back in the pool. it was still raining though.

then it was getting dark and we went again back to the beach. and it was scary cause then when everyone was leaving to go eat dinner in the apartment me and priscillas dad (jorge) were left in the water and he was spitting sea shells at me (hes weird lol) and i splashed him and he started to pull me by my leg into the deep part of the water and then he'd swim away. i was freaking out. and id tell him to stop and he said only if i say "I'm ugly" and yell it. so i was like *yelling* "IM UGLY!!" lol i looked like a freak. but it was dark and scary. lol

we went upstairs and ate pan con lechon. mmmm. and cut a cake for priscilla and jorge. then we stayed watching the baseball game and left. i was sooo tired.

i feel so spoiled saying that i couldnt live without power for just 3 or 4 days and now look at the people in missippi and louisiana and also i cant believe i was happy this hurricane was coming. just so i wouldnt have school. i wanna try and see if we can do something for them. like donate something or get FEA to help out and collect money like we did for the tsunami. i hope we can.

well we are gonna go drive around Lincoln road and walk around.

see ya
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[August 28, 2005] [04:43PM]
This hurricane taught me that i cant live without electricity. lol three days and i almost got crazy.

so Thursday it started to get bad and the lights go out at like 4 PM.after a while Mimi, Jose and caro and Cristy left to Abuela and Abuelo's house. so i was like all bored and asked my mom to please lets go. and they still had power so it was like not fair lol it was getting really hot too. so my mom and dad started to get all worried cause they had been like fixing the roofs to the condos and putting it in new so they were like all "is the roof gonna fly off?" so we left. street lights were broken and there were like only 5 or 6 cars on the streets lmao. It was so scary :O

so we left to our grandparents house and we get there and its my grandma, grandpa, Ily, Marichu (duh they live there), mimi, jose, caro, cristy, me, my mom, my dad, Laura, and Patty. Thats alot of people for one house lol. and then after like 10 minutes that we were there and were finally getting air....the power goes out. aahh..all those people in one living room all bored.

in that whole night I:
-watch phil of the future on Laura's laptop (until it ran out of battery)
-listen to the radio
-knit some more
-listen to the news on the radio in another language lol
-eat pizza lunchables
-prank call...haha

then at like 11 we put matresses and stuff on the floor of the living room and everyone went to sleep. yeah right i was so hot i couldnt sleep. and on top of that the sliding glass door was right behind my head open so we can get "air". pfft right. whatever. after a while the wind got really hard and something kept hitting really hard against the door. me and caro were freaking out lol. then we look at the time thinking its like 3:00 and its only 1:20. Caro and me were like *jaws drop* Caro said she felt like crying lol.

we finally fell asleep and woke up at 7:10. yeah believe it or not. Jose went and got McDonalds for us. i hate breakfast from fast food places but there was no other choice. :/

Then we went driving around in our pajamas with Marichu. lol we were like "AIR!!!" and then we got back home. got dressed. ate McDonalds for lunch and went to the beach to see the surfers. and then at night was Sajony's party. it was fun. :)

We slept at my house that night. with no light, TV or air. aaahh. i cant sleep without air or TV. my god.

the next day we went to Vita's house because she had left the night before to Orlando to get away from everything. and when she left her power came back. we went to burger king and then the beach again, and Domino's at night. The beach was packed. and full of limo's. for the VMA's i guess? it was cool. not so many surfers today but there we saw a couple hotties lol

and we would stick our heads out the window and scream at people lol. it was funny.

we got back to Vita's house and decided to go to the movies. we saw Undiscovered. it was good i guess. we came home and there was power i was like "THANK GOD!!!" lol

today i woke up..ate burger king and did my homework. i cant wait to watch the awards tonight. :)

okay well that was a long entry. see ya

oh and P.S. they said at 5 they were gonna announce schools with no school for tomorrow. i think we are gonna have school though. dammit. :/

hope Katrina didnt hit you guys too hard.
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halo [August 24, 2005] [10:45PM]

tomorrow school is canceled cause of the hurricane. woo hoo

Today my new friend lol made balloon animals in lunch. I swear Kristi has weird friends. she was the one that introduced me to him. it was funny though cause like everyone was crowding around asking for one. :P

After school was our first FEA meeting. Not everyone could make it but whatever. Me and Joey did the sign up sheet for next Tuesday at Club Fair Day and everyone else made banners :) We kinda spilled paint on a rug of a classroom that we werent suppossed to be in but yeah... lol

I'm watching BET dont ask. cause i dont even know why. lol

I hope school is canceled Friday too. *crosses fingers*

thats all for now.

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